About us…

South Fork Boutique is an all natural product line by New River Distilling Co. As a processor for wholesale ingredients we saw the opportunity to bring our own set of skills to a product line and are happy to be sharing it with you.

All of the hemp is grown in North Carolina then processed in Boone, NC. Our oil is then analyzed by Appalachian State University and an other third party laboratory to ensure that we are providing only the purest distillate possible.

The base ingredients for the tinctures, salves and lotions are mindfully sourced with natural and organic options along with harm free preservatives to ensure a longer shelf life. 





With our tincture line, we truly believe less is more, although there are only three ingredients, combined they are a triple threat.

MCT oil provides a neutral taste and metabolizes quickly (meaning it stores minimally as fat in the body compared to other sources of saturated fatty acids).

For flavor and aroma we add Lemon Terpenes which contain limonene to elevate mood and give stress relief, myrcene to create a calm effect, and pinene to help you focus.

Finally, we provide two dosing options, 500mg or 1000mg of full spectrum CBD hemp oil. Both of which regulate anxiety, and reduce pain and inflammation.


body salves

Our salves have three primary ingredients; Beeswax that has the moisture enriching power to keep skin firm and plump. Unrefined Shea Butter, which is packed with fatty acids and vitamins that is ideal for softening skin. And Coconut Oil that is moisturizing and that possesses antimicrobial properties that protect the skin from harmful bacteria.

We add full spectrum CBD hemp oil that has both anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. 



The foundation for our lotion is an unscented massage base that contains Vitamin D to alleviate inflammation, Lanolin to rehydrate, and Aloe to calm the skin. Lavender and Mint terpenes are added for a powerful aroma and to help cleanse and calm. 

We add full spectrum CBD hemp oil to add powerful antioxidant properties that lessen signs of aging. An added benefit is the skin soothing properties  which is perfect for sensitive skin.