New River Distilling Co.

Providing Distillation Solutions To The Craft Beverage and hemp industries

As engineers, environmentalists, and avid consumers, we recognized efficiency problems in the craft beverage and agricultural industries. NRD Co. has constructed the solution for large and small operations alike.

Our products simplify inserting flavor and aroma into beverages.

Our proprietary distillation technology allows both brewers and the growers to maximize efficiency and return on their commodities.

Growth through collaboration with like-minded makers.

If you’re interested in converting your backlogged pounds of hops, hemp, citrus, or any other botanical into an environmentally-friendly distilled oil, we can help!


Promoting Conservation Through Innovation

- Brew smarter with less -



Our Distilled Oil sample varieties are continuously changing per demand. Email for sample information.

WE NOW HAVE HEMP TERPENES for your brewing experiments! Contact us for trial information.