About us…

We provide a distillation service to craft beverage producers and growers of agricultural commodities. For example; a craft beer producer typically gets hop pellets sent from a 3rd party distributor to their brewery. Now they will have the hop pellets sent from the 3rd party distributor to our facility where we will then turn the pellets into Distilled Hop Oil. Another example; a farmer brings us their biomass, we will process it down to fit their needs and charge a toll-processing fee. In some instances we can even get the final product sold to a third-party buyer.

This strategy allows us to keep our processing costs down so the brewer and farmer can save as much money as possible.

We now offer hemp extraction services, including a proprietary distilling and extracting process. We offer these services at Toll Charging after harvest services, as well as pre-extracted terpenes for brewing.

For pricing and more details, email daniel@nrdistilling.com





Our proprietary distillation methods allow us to turn your cone / pellets into a direct flavor / aroma additive for your beer, best known as distilled hop oil. We then take the “spent hops” and create an iso-alpha acid extract that is ready to be used as a bittering tool.



Fruit sourced from Florida and Georgia is used for farm-to-filter isolation of terpenes in the same manner as our hops and hemp. We process a variety of citruses which lend a beautiful flavor and aroma that is equally pleasing to any pallet.



Our distillation technology is used to isolate the terpenes from NC-grown hemp! Hemp terpenes add a distinct flavor not found in other botanicals. The aroma and flavor are sure to catch the attention of your customers.