New River Distilling Co.

Providing Distillation Solutions To The Craft Beverage Industry


As engineers and consumers, we saw a problem in the craft beverage and agricultural industries. We took that problem and crafted a solution for small and large operations alike. We make inserting flavor and aroma compounds into beverages simple; we also provide solutions for inserting full-spectrum cannabinoid distillate into a multitude of product lines.

We now offer hemp terpenes for our craft beverage producers who can insert the flavor and aroma of cannabis without the cannabinoids. The new Cannabis Beverage Industry is projected to hit 22 Billion over the next few years. We like to think of ourselves as innovative, and wanted to put our customers in place for the new change that is coming. This change will allow your team the ingredients and market knowledge to adopt Hemp as an ingredient of the future.

New River Distilling has developed partners and invested to expand to a much higher volume of distilling as well as to enter the extraction industry for cannabinoids. We now offer Toll Charging services for local hemp farms for terpenes and cannabinoids.



Our Distilled Oil sample varieties are continuously changing per demand. Email for sample information.

WE NOW HAVE HEMP TERPENES for your brewing experiments! Contact us for trial information.